Chef Ameera’s vibrant energy immediately sets the tone for any culinary engagement. A third-generation Californian, she combines her mastery of West Coast staples with her love of spices from around the globe. Created with local, seasonal, and organic ingredients, Chef Ameera’s vibrant menus delight the most discerning palettes.


Fuel for the Soul

More than a meal, a dining experience with Chef Ameera is more appropriately described as fuel for the soul.

A mother of two, Ameera’s cooking is anchored in a deep maternal love. This love extends into the food she makes and to the care with which she prepares meals and menus for her clients. Her patrons benefit from her extensive knowledge of nutrition as well as respect of traditional healing practices. Chef Ameera seamlessly infuses Ayurvedic principles and Reiki to go beyond her client’s physical goals to effectively cater to each individual’s deeper needs.